Student ID

If you are a member of Student Union of Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences METKA, please click here!

After joining  your student union you are entitled to get a student ID. You can order traditional student card or download digital student card to your smart phone. With student ID you can get all student discounts such as cheaper student lunches, public transport and discounts from hundreds of companies in Finland. In our web store you can use your own student union’s benefits right after becoming a member.

Mobile student card

The Slice app is loaded into a mobile phone and so the student card always stays handily with you.

You can use Slice easily. When you have renewed your membership in the web shop, you can order your password to Slice with e-form:
After filling the form you’ll get your password via e-mail. Use it when you are registering in the app. Remember to accept the conditions asked by the application and to give the licences which are needed for the operation of the student card.

Plastic student card

After 31.12.2018 you are no longer able to order new plastic student cards. Before that you can still order them from: The card will be delivered to your home address in Finland in 2–3 weeks.

Students who have a plastic card from before and have paid the membership fee can still pick up the semester or annual sticker for their card that shows the card is valid. You can get the semester or annual stickers from the student union’s customer service points.